Banniere Voyager

Saison 3 - "Terres inconnues"

"L'essentiel, 2ème partie"

(Basics, part II)

9/4/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50032.7 Left for dead by the Kazon, Capitaine Janeway and her crew brave the elements and hostile natives on Hanon Four, a primitive planet. When one of their group is viciously killed and then Kes is abducted, Chakotay and Tuvok must attempt a precarious rescue. They prepare for a vengeful Extraterrestre attack, while a gloating Culluh, at the helm of Voyager, announces a new era in Kazon history and prepares to annihilate most of the Delta Quadrant. As Culluh tests the ship's power, Seska activates the Emergency Medical Holographic Program only to have the Doctor report startling facts about her newborn baby. The Doctor detects that Enseigne Suder is stowed away on board and learns that Lieutenant Paris, with the help of a Talaxian convoy, is piloting a damaged shuttlecraft, desperately working to somehow save Voyager. The Doctor soon arouses Seska's suspicions and is permantly deactivated, leaving Suder as the only hope to retake the ship. All the while, Suder is tortured by the realization that he must resort once again to violence.

Anthony DeLongis
Martha Hackett
Nancy Hower
Simon Billig
Scott Haven
David Cowgill
Michael Bailey Smith
Russ Fega
  Culluh [Premier Maje]
Enseigne Wildman
Enseigne Hogan
Ingénieur Kazon
Extraterrestre #2
Extraterrestre #1
Le Talaxien

Apparition spéciale de:
Brad Dourif   Suder
Ecrit par:Michael Piller
Dirigé par:Rick Kolbe

"Flashback" (Flashback)

9/11/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50126.4 Tuvok suddenly begins having strange, disorienting attacks which cause a disturbing childhood memory to resurface. As the trauma begins to degrade his neural system, he knows he must take action or he will die. To access and conquer the debilitating memory fragment, he asks Capitaine Janeway to act as his guide and enter into a mind-meld with him. Amazingly, the mind-meld takes Tuvok and Janeway to the scene of the young Vulcan's first Starfleet duty - on the bridge of the U.S.S. Excelsior with Capitaine Hikaru Sulu in command.
While the Doctor and Kes monitor them, Janeway and Tuvok delve deep into the mind-meld. Tuvok attends to duties with his them fellow crew members including Commander Janice Rand, while Janeway is an unseen observer. She learns that Tuvok's first deep space assignment, as a junior science officer aboard the Excelsior, was a disagreeable tour of duty for the young Vulcan and sees how it eventually led to his departure from Starfleet over 50 years ago. Janeway also has a chance to see firsthand what her kindred officer, Capitaine Sulu, chose to do in the heat of battle with the Klingons; led by Commander Kang ("Deep Space Nine").
Tuvok clashes with Sulu over the Capitaine's orders to make the bold mission to the Klingon Homeworld to rescue Capitaine Kirk and Doctor McCoy (Star Trek VI) and Janeway gets to "ride shotgun" with a different breed of Starfleet officer. Janeway and Tuvok continue with the mind-meld in hopes that it will yield just which repressed memory is causing such a physical reaction in Tuvok - until something goes wrong and without warning, Sulu and the Excelsior crew and see Janeway.

Grace Lee Whitney
Jeremy Roberts
Boris Krutonog
Michael Ansara
George Takei
  Commandeur Janice Rand
Pilote Lojur
Capitaine Hikaru Sulu
Ecrit par:Brannon Braga
Dirigé par:David Livingston

The "Cathera" (alias l'"Harmonie Structurelle"):
Structure, logique, fonction, contrôle.
Une structure ne peut tenir sans fondation.
La logique est la fondation de la fonction.
La fonction est l'essence de tout contrôle.
Je détient le contrôle. Je détient le contrôle.

"The Chute" ()

09/18/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50156.2 While on an Akritirian planet, Paris and Kim are believed to be members of the Open Sky terrorist group and are arrested, tried, and convicted of planting a trilithium-based bomb. Before they know it, they are piled into a dark, impenetrable prison at the end of a mysterious chute. Kim tries to devise an escape and protect a severely injured Paris who has been stabbed by a ranting prisoner. But they realize that, like each crazed inmate, they are fitted with a clamp which causes each man to slowly kill one another. Meanwhile, Janeway tries to prove their innocence.

Don R. McManus
Robert Pine
James Parks
Ed Trotta
Beans Morocco
Rosemary Morgan
Ecrit par:C. Harris
Script par:Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Les Landau

"The Swarm" ()

9/25/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50252.3 The Doctor's rehearsal of an opera duet on the holodeck is interrupted when he is called to treat the severely injured Lieutenant Paris who, while aboard a shuttlecraft with Torres, has been attacked by an unknown Extraterrestre force. When the Doctor cannot remember the medical procedures necessary to save Paris, it's discovered that the Emergency Medical Hologram database has overloaded and the Doctor's memory circuits are rapidly degrading. While the rest of the crew fends off the cluster of Extraterrestre ships -- the first they've ever encountered with transporter technology in the Delta Quadrant -- Torres attempts to reinitialize the Doctor's program, but forewarns that her efforts would restore the original E.M.H. program, causing the Doctor to in effect, be erased. As the rapidly failing Doctor becomes more and more disoriented, Kes pleads for an alternative remedy. So Torres leads the Doctor to the holodeck where they recreate Jupiter Station, the place where his database was originally written, and find that the diagnostic matrix is a holographic recreation of his creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman

Carole Davis
Steven Houska
  the Diva
Ecrit par:Michael Sussman
Dirigé par:Alex Singer

"False Profits" (Bien mal acquis)

10/2/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50074.3 When Voyager detects replicator technology and Alpha Quadrant inhabitants on a nearby planet, Chakotay and Paris transport there to find an impoverished, stuggling society. They soon find a palatial temple and two Ferengi -- Arridor and Kol -- decked out in silk and gold jewels who are passing themselves off as demigods to the people there. It's up to Chakotay and Paris -- with the help of Neelix -- to thwart them.

Dan Shor
Leslie Jordan
Michael Enseigne
Rob LaBelle
Alan Altshuld
John Walter Davis
the Sandalmaker
the merchant
Histoire de:George Brozak
Script par:Joe Menosky et Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Cliff Bole

"Remember" (Souvenir)

10/9/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50203.1 The Voyager crew picks up passengers from the homeworld Enara Prime and learns of their telepathic ability. Before long, Lieutenant Torres begins having intense, sensuous dreams of herself as a young girl involved in a forbidden romance with Dathan, a member of the Regressives, a subgroup which once resisted Enaran technology. The dreams turn haunting for Torres as the young girl's father, Jareth, participates in a resettlement of the Regressives - and eventually their total extermination. Strongly affected by the horrible visions, Torres realizes that the Enarans have concealed a part of their history from their descendants and that one of them aboard Voyager doesn't want her buried memories to die.

Eugene Roche
Charles Esten
Athena Massey
Eve Brenner
Bruce Davison
  Jor Brel
Jora Mirell
Histoire de:Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Script par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:Rick Kolbe

"Sacred Ground" (Terre Sacrée)

10/30/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50063.2 Kes is left for dead after she enters a sacred shrine on the Nechani homeworld and is hit by a mysterious energy burst. The Nechani explain to Janeway that monks receive purification of their souls in the shrine and the spirits have punished Kes for trespassing. While Neelix researches the shrine and the ritual the monks undergo there, Janeway undergoes the arduous rite of passage herself. Although she is certain there's a scientific reason for the energy burst, she hopes to beg to the mercy of the "spirits" and save Kes.

Harry Groener
Estelle Harris
Keene Curtis
Parley Baer
Becky Ann Baker
  Le Magistrat
La vieille femme
Un vieil homme
Un vieil homme
La Guide
Ecrit par:Geo Cameron
Script par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:Robert Duncan McNeill

"Future's End, Part I" (La fin des temps futurs)

11/06/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE N.G. Capitaine Braxton of the 29th century Timeship Aeon hails Janeway and crew to inform them that the U.S.S. Voyager is responsible for a catastrophe in his century and he's come back in time to prevent that occurrence by destroying them. The Starfleet crew is forced to engage him and, although they're equipped with only 24th century technology, they're able to partially disable his weapons. Suddenly the Starship Voyager is pulled into a spatial rift which transverses them across the galaxy to the Alpha Quadrant.
Los Angeles, 1996 They are stunned to find they're back home above Earth, only in the wrong time--1996. Capitaine Janeway and Commander Chakotay desperately search for the answers needed to prevent the environmental disaster, all while trying to blend in on the Venice Boardwalk. Meanwhile, The Doctor is held hostage by Henry Starling, CEO of a computer mega-corporation, who stole the aeon at its arriving through the time rift... 30 years ago

Sarah Silverman
Allan Royal
Susan Patterson
Barry Wiggins
Christian R. Conrad
  Rain Robinson
Capitaine Braxton
Enseigne Kaplan
un Policier
Monsieur Dunbar

Apparition spéciale de:
Ed Begley, Jr.   Henry Starling

Histoire de:Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Script par:Brannon Braga
Dirigé par:David Livingston

"Future's End, Part II" (La fin des temps futurs)

11/13/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50312.5 While the U.S.S. Voyager orbits above North America with its weapons and long range transporters disabled, Tuvok and Paris are missing in Los Angeles and must enlist the help of young astronomer Rain Robinson and use cellular telephone technology to communicate with their crew. Meanwhile, corrupt computer magnate Henry Starling accesses Voyager's computer system and downloads The Doctor's program, holds him hostage and reconfigures him with 29th century technology.

Sarah Silverman
Allan Royal
Brent Hinkley
Clayton Murray
  Rain Robinson
Capitaine Braxton

Apparition spéciale de:
Ed Begley, Jr.   Henry Starling

Ecrit par:Brannon Braga et Joe Menosky
Dirigé par:Cliff Bole

"Warlord" ()

11/20/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50348.1 As The Doctor and Kes treat three injured Extraterrestres whose ship was detected adrift in space, one of them -- an egomaniacal political extremist named Tieran -- dies, but not before he transfers his own mind to the body of Kes, controlling her and accessing her own Ocampan powers. Then, Kes/Tieran launches a shuttlecraft and makes a coup attempt on his home planet of Ilari.

Anthony Crivello
Brad Greenquist
Galyn Gorg
Charles Emmett
Karl Wiedergott
Leigh J. McClosky
Histoire de:Andrew Price and Mark Gaberman
Script par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:David Livingston

"The Q and the Grey" (Q et sa promise)

11/27/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50384.6 While the Voyager crew witnesses several rare supernova explosions, Q arrives in the Capitaine's quarters to implore the outraged Janeway to conceive his child. Q pursues the uninterested Janeway just as a jealous female Q appears to bring Q back to the Continuum. While the U.S.S. Voyager is deluged by shock waves from the supernovas, Q escapes to the Continuum with Janeway in tow, leaving the female Q bereft of her powers aboard a stranded starship Voyager.

John de Lancie
Suzie Plakson
Harve Presnell
Femme Q
Colonel Q
Histoire de:Shawn Piller
Script par:Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Cliff Bole

"Macrocosm" (Macrocosmos)

12/11/96 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50425.1 Voyager is seized by a macrovirus Extraterrestre -- an unknown gelatinous lifeform which attacks and overwhelms the crew and disables the ship -- and Capitaine Janeway must face the fight of her life, crawling through the disabled ship's dark passageways to elude the Extraterrestre assault. Meanwhile, The Doctor goes on his first away mission to the Garan mining colony to locate the source of this mysterious and severe viral infection.

Albie Selznick
Michael Fiske
  Tak Tak
Garan Miner
Script par:Brannon Braga
Dirigé par:Alex Singer

"Fair Trade" (Le juste échange)

01/08/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE N.G. When the starship Voyager crew transports to a heavily secured space station to trade for supplies, Neelix meets up with Wixiban, an old Talaxian acquaintance who dupes him into using Federation shuttlecraft to traffic narcotic substances. When Wixiban murders one of his drug buyers, Paris and Chakotay are implicated while a guilt-ridden Neelix returns to the ship.

James Nardini
Carlos Carrasco
Alexander Enberg
Steve Kehela
James Horan
Histoire de:Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louise Mathias
Script par:Andre Bormanis
Dirigé par:Jesus Trevino

"Alter Ego" (Alter Ego)

01/15/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50460.3 Disturbed by the fact that he's falling in love with Marayna, a holodeck character, Enseigne Kim begs Tuvok to teach him how Vulcans suppress their emotions. When Tuvok intervenes, Marayna befriends and tries to seduce him, too. A jealous Kim is infuriated with Tuvok, but then Marayna reveals her true intentions.

Sandra Nelson
Alexander Enberg
Shay Todd
Le Vulcain
La femme holographique
Ecrit par:Joe Menosky
Dirigé par:Robert Picardo

"Coda" ()

01/29/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50518.6 After her shuttlecraft crash lands, a critically injured Capitaine Janeway is attacked by Vidiians and has a mysterious near death experience during which she encounters her father, Admiral Janeway.

Len Cariou   Admiral Janeway
Ecrit par:Jeri Taylor
Dirigé par:Nancy Malone

"Blood Fever" (La fievre dans le sang)

02/05/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50537.2 During their exploration of a decimated colony, the Voyager Away Team is thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of the Vulcan mating season. The ensuing irrational advances of a Vulcan crew member wreak havoc when they trigger Lieutenant Torres' involuntary Klingon mating instincts. Meanwhile, Commander Chakotay spots the remains of one of the colony's invaders -- the Borg.

Alexander Enberg
Bruce Bohne
Deborah Levin
Enseigne Lang
Ecrit par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:Andrew Robinson

"Unity" (unité)

02/12/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50614.2 In response to a distress signal, Commander Chakotay lands his shuttlecraft on a planet's surface but is viciously attacked. He's swiftly rescued by a colony of formerly assimilated Borg and goes to extreme measures when he allows their resident physician, Dr. Riley Frazier, to heal his neural injuries by linking him to a remnant of the Borg Collective consciousness.
Meanwhile, after Janeway and her crew find a suspicious Borg ship disabled and adrift in space with a thousand members of the powerful Borg race lying dead aboard it, they transport one of the corpses to Sickbay so the Doctor and Kes can perform an autopsy.

Lori Hallier
Ivar Brogger
Susan Patterson
  Riley Frazier
Enseigne Kaplan
Ecrit par:Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Robert Duncan McNeill

"The Darkling" ()

02/19/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50693.2 To improve his performance as the ship's physician, The Doctor undertakes a personality enhancement project on the Holodeck, incorporating several accomplished historical figures' traits and temperaments into his Starfleet database. But he also adopts several aberrant character traits from those non-fictional figures and is soon over taken by a dangerous, cruel Mister Hyde-like personality.

David Lee Smith
Stephen Davies
Noel de Souza
Christopher Clarke
Sue Henley
Lord Byron
Ecrit par:Alex Singer
Dirigé par:Alex Singer

"Rise" (Ascension)

02/26/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE N.G. When a Nezu planet is bombarded by asteroids and its inhabitants face evacuation, the U.S.S. Voyager intervenes by sending Tuvok and Neelix to join several prominent members of the Nezu on a rescue mission. Soon it is learned that there's a traitor in their midst, and Tuvok's condescending attitude pushes Neelix to the breaking point.

Alan Oppenheimer
Lisa Kaminir
Kelly Connell
Tom Towles
Geof Prysirr
Garry Bullock
  Ambassadeur Nezu
Docteur Vatm
Histoire de:Jimmy Diggs
Script par:Brannon Braga
Dirigé par:Robert Sheerer

"Favorite Son" (le fils préféré)

03/19/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50732.4 After Enseigne Kim suddenly exhibits abnormal behavior, he instinctively leads the U.S.S. Voyager to a mysterious planet, the Taresian homeworld. There, a shocking story of his birth is told by members of the almost exclusively female population -- Kim is part Extraterrestre -- and they want him for reproductive purposes.

Cari Shayne
Deborah May
Patrick Fabian
Kelli Kirkland
Kristanna Loken
Ecrit par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:Marvin Rush

"Before and After" (D'avant en arrière)

04/09/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE N.G. When Kes undergoes treatment in a bio-temporal chamber to extend her lifespan, her cells are left in a state of flux causing her to be out of temporal sync. She then travels back and forth through time, experiences the beginning and final phases of her Ocampan lifespan and gets a glimpse of the Voyager crew's future.

Jessica Collins
Michail L. Maguire
Janna Michaels
Rachel Harris
Christopher Aguilar
Kes jeune
Ecrit par:Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Allan Kroeker

"Real Life" (La vraie vie)

04/23/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50836.2 After The Doctor creates a holographic wife and two children for himself in order to enhance his performance as a caring physician, Torres modifies the program to make The Doctor's picture perfect Holo-family more of an authentic experience. Soon, his teenage son is listening to Klingon music and The Doctor deduces that he has more than he bargained for.

Wendy Schaal
Glenn Walker Harris, Jr.
Lindsey Haun
Stephen Ralston
Chad Haywood
Ecrit par:Harry Kloor
Script par:Jeri Taylor
Dirigé par:Anson Williams

"Distant Origin" (lointaines origines)

04/30/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE N.G The Voyager crew are unwitting research subjects after scientists of the Voth race, saurian-like Extraterrestres who believe they were the first intelligent beings to evolve in the Delta Quadrant, discover the human remains of a Starship Voyager crewman (Lieutenant Hogan killed in the episode "Basics, Part I") and find a genetic pattern similar to their own. When Gegen, the chief researcher, suggests that based on these findings, the true origin of the Voth is Earth, their leader, Minister Odala, deems him a heretic. To prove his theory, Gegen and his assistant Veer track down the U.S.S. Voyager, infiltrate the ship and take their next research subject, Chakotay, hostage.

Henry Woronicz
Cristopher Liam Moore
Marshal Teague
Apparition spéciale de:
Concetta Tomei   Minister Odala

Ecrit par:Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Dirigé par:David Livingston

"Displaced" (déplacés)

05/07/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50912.4 One by one, Janeway's crew suddenly and mysteriously trades places with mercurial Extraterrestres from Nyria Three. As Janeway quickly becomes surrounded by these seemingly perplexed strangers who react strongly to the ship's temperature and lights, she must scramble to keep control of her ship. Meanwhile her confused crew is transplanted to an idyllic yet artificial world.

Deborah Levin
Mark L. Taylor
James Noah
Kenneth Tigar
Nancy Youngblut
Ecrit par:Lisa Klink
Dirigé par:Allan Kroeker

"Worst Case Scenario" (le scénario du pire)

05/14/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50953.4 Suspicion and animosity run rampant when members of the crew discover a secret holographic novel program depicting Seska and the Maquis leading an insurrection aboard Voyager. When crew members surreptitiously play the program, they are each into the role of a Starfleet security officer who is approached by Chakotay to help the Maquis with the mutiny.

Martha Hackett   Seska
Ecrit par:Kenneth Biller
Dirigé par:Alex Singer

"Scorpion, Part I" (Le scorpion)

05/21/97 (US) - // (FR)

STAR DATE 50984.3 As they approach the heart of dangerous Borg territory, the Voyager crew witnesses the near decimation of a Borg armada by a mysterious Extraterrestre lifeform which is impervious to both Borg and Starfleet technology. When Kim and Chakotay lead an Away Team inside the heavily damaged Borg cube, they are able to investigate the Extraterrestre lifeform's bio-ship. Moments before they are transported out, Kim is viciously attacked by the mysterious organic-looking Extraterrestre. As he lies in Sickbay, contaminated with Extraterrestre cells and transforming into an Extraterrestre being, Kes has terrorizing premonitions about the new enemy and Janeway realizes it's no longer the Borg they must be worried about.

John Rhys-Davies   Leonard De Vinci
Ecrit par:Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Dirigé par:David Livingston


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